Burst eye update


I posted last week about my sheep with the burst eye I had to catch her again on Thursday to check the eye and give her another dose of the antibiotics that she is on.


The eye is healing and is not too bad at all. It is not bothering the sheep and she is as bright & lively as she could be. Here is how the eye looks now.



As I said, the eye is healing. What happens when something heals? Yes, it itches. The sheep keeps rubbing the eye on things to relieve the itch. The small flecks in and around the eye are pieces of wood from fence posts she was scratching herself with. Ideally, the eye would be removed but it is more dangerous to the sheep to put her through that ordeal. She’ll be fine but I’ll check her again next week and give it another squirt of anti-septic spray.


    • Haven’t got the vet bill for this (and probably won’t for a few weeks) but I guess it’ll be £20-50. Sheep is 18 months old and worth £60-70 but could and should produce lambs for next 5-8 years (depending how long I keep her) so even reckoning 1 lamb per year @ £50 that would be minimum £250, maybe over £500. So worth it financially but I don’t think of it in those terms anyway.

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