Well, that’s the dipping done for another year – and what a day for it! I had to take a picture out the front of the house first thing, it was so nice!


I took the rams out first and then we all gathered the lambs that were in the park. I’m posting a picture of the dipping crew first, even though it was taken when we finished.


(l-r) my dad, Uisdean, Donnie, Tormod Dhonnchaidh, me, Chops and Neil. (and Clyde, can’t forget him)

First of all, we suited up and my first job was to put the dip into the amar (I have no idea what english word to use for the ‘bath’).



There are only about 150 animals in the village, so we flew through them quite quickly, around 2 hours.


The sheep are put in backwards, dunked under and then swim out the other end. The dip kills external parasites and sheep scab.


Here are a few action pics




So after that, all that was left to do was take the lambs home. My dad went fishing (and caught the fish below)


So it was left to Uisdean to help me!


So that’s it over for another year!

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