The croft from the sky (and Air An Lot joins Facebook)

I forgot that I had this picture of my house and croft from the sky. In my previous job at the BBC, I was lucky enough to get a trip up in the Coastguard Helicopter. It was a fantastic day out and lots of the pictures can be seen on my Flickr account. So here is my house (on the right), with my croft the one between both houses i.e. the one that has been ploughed. On the road-side of the ploughed part is the pig pen – you can see the black Kune-Kune’s there, as well as the outline of a ruined house. Some of my sheep are between both houses. The house is on my mother’s croft and was my grandparent’s home. Here is another blog I wrote about it nearly 2 years ago (this blog is now dead, as I realised I wasn’t as comfortable as I thought writing on this subject). Anyway, it’s my mother’s croft but I work it as well.

I also decided tonight to start a facebook page to tie to this blog, so that I can reach more people than my own friends – just search facebook for Air An Lot (Facebook won’t give me a link for it yet)


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