Sheep Saturday

I’ve been away filming or had other commitments for the past few weekends, so today was my first chance in a few weeks to get some sheep work done.  The lambs WERE due to go to market on Friday, but the lorries weren’t travelling due to the bad weather, so they are now going on Monday.  That meant I could sort out the lambs today, instead of after work on Thursday night, when it was really miserable.

So. Today started at 9am, taking the lambs from the field they were in, out to the fank

Some of them needed tagging, while we also made sure they were all correctly marked before going away


We have an apportionment out on the moor, about half a mile from the fank, so I put them all there until Monday

The sheep were next.  They were all taken out to the fank too, this is them walking up behind the village, and given a dose of Liquithrive, trace-elements and such that should see them fair a little better once they go to the ram in about 6 weeks

This stuff doesn’t look good at all – smells bad too!

This stuff doesn’t look good at all – smells bad too!

The rams also got a dose of it.  This is the big fellow that has been our main ram for about 4 years now. And that left me with just enough time to nip down to Habost to pick up some ewe lambs that I am buying off a friend.  Thats me bought all the ewes and lambs I wanted to buy, just a Suffolk ram now!  And fingers crossed that the lambs I’m selling make a decent price to pay for all this!g


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