Busy week of arrivals

I’ve been busy this week adding to my flock for next year. I’ve already removed the cast ewes that are not being kept for next year and they’ll go to market along with the lambs in 2 weeks.

I already blogged earlier this week after buying 5 ewes

Here they are, having had our mark applied


That wasn’t it though. I went up the West Side again on Thursday to buy some Blackface ewe-lambs in Bragar. I got 4 cracking lambs, which will be over-wintered here and put to the ram in 2013.


I’ve arranged to buy a Suffolk ram-lamb in a week or two, something I’ve been wanting to do gor a while – but that’s another story which I’ll blog about when I get it.

Saturday was a wet, wet day, but that didn’t stop the work. I moved the sheep into a fresh field an added another two ewes to my ever-growing flock.



I plan on buying another 3 ewe-lambs for next year’s flock as well. They’ll be bought in the next week or so. I’m off filming in Cardiff from Tuesday night so I’ve been wanting to get all this sorted before I head off – and before other people buy/sell the better lambs!

Hopefully I should have around 60 ewes going to the ram this year. Very exciting!

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