New Arrivals 2

I started supplementing my flock tonight, getting ready for next years lambing before this year’s lambs have left. The lambs leave 2 weeks Friday but I got 5 ewes from an old school friend, Ally Williamson, tonight.


Ally was more than willing to pose for a picture for the blog – although I’m under strict instructions to spell his name correctly (not Ali) and make it clear they are Bragar sheep, even though we collected them from a Bru croft!

Anyway, I took the ewes home, two 2 year olds, one 3 and two 4. I gave them a quick squirt of wormer, before they went onto the lush grass of North Dell


Beast of a trailer, isn’t it? Built by my uncle many years ago, needs a lick of paint this winter!


Quick squirt in the mouth….


Before threatening to give my brother Innes a squirt too! Thanks to him for the pictures.

I had to rush off tomplay 5-a-side football so I have put the sheep infront of my house for the time being, I’ll move them in with the rest tomorrow. That’s all the ewes I want to buy, just a few ewe lambs and a ram now. Plus sell my own rams!

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