No crop this year.

I blogged earlier this year about my vegetable plot. I spent hours, days and weeks ploughing, rotovating, putting up fences and shelter, as well as planting only for things to go a little wrong while I was away filming. After one of my first trips in June, I came home to find some of my sheep had got into the vegetable plot and eaten every single last one of one of the seedlings that I’d planted. Not one left! All my broccoli, sprouts, onions, lettuce, carrots gone. More than slightly frustrated. Next year, I am not leaving a gate on my veg plot, I will close it off completely, easy for me to hop the corrugated iron shelter anyway.

To top it all off, my potatoe plot was pillaged last week by the rampaging piglets! We’d lifted the earlies already but the main crop has gone completely. I was away filming at the Scottish National Sheepdog Trial from Wednesday till Monday and came back to stalks stripped of all leaves and the ground churned up and potatoes eaten. I will blog again about the pigs but next year the vegetables and potatoes will be protected like Fort Knox!

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