Lamb Lifting 2012



So last night was an important step in the year of the lamb, separating them from their mothers.  Done around this time of year as the lambs are ready to be weaned, the sheep are usually fed up of them and the sheep also need time to recover before going back to the ram in October.

There are several options open to crofters in the islands for selling their lambs.  There is the auction mart in Stornoway, where buyers come from the mainland, Lewis Livestock, where lambs are collected from different villages and then transported to Dingwall for sale, and the option which I have taken for the last few years, send them to Thainstone in Aberdeenshire.  I have got pretty good prices there so happy to continue to use them.

So we gathered all the sheep & lambs, decided which to keep for ourselves, which lambs to sell and which ewes would have to go.

Here are the ewes penned, with my father fighting off the midges.  The lambs are in the background, having been removed.


Here are the lambs that we are selling (plus 3 cast ewes)





And here are some of the ones we are keeping.  3 ewe lambs (I plan on buying some more), one ram lamb and the rest for the freezer.


It had been a wet day but very warm and sticky, so I didn’t want to wear waterproofs.  I ended up covered in midge bites, soaked all the way up inside my legs and my top covered in lamb poo and paint!




Of course, all of this was done under the strict supervision of the boss!

The lambs will stay on the croft until Friday 14th September, for the sale on 19th.  I have my fingers crossed for a £50 average.  I’d be very happy with that.


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