Back from the vet

I blogged last week about a worrying loss, with a lamb found dead and it looked as if it was an eagle attack.  I discussed it with one of the vets in Stornoway this week, as well as showing him several photos.  There is no way of proving how the lamb was killed, but the vet says it is highly likely that an eagle was involved – due to the fact that more than just soft tissue was eaten.

Leaving it at that, at the moment.  The sheep & lambs are still in the same field and seem to be ok.  The one that died was a twin (and they were the only set of twins in the field), so if it was an eagle, it’s mother could probably only defend one lamb at a time.

I’m not going to make a song and dance about this.  The eagle was just doing what is natural and I still enjoy seeing it from time to time!


  1. Interesting; I’d have thought an eagle would bear the slain back, entire, to its eyrie and feast there: I didn’t know they settled down to lunch in the field. They are magnificent birds and still very much persecuted on Lewis – Peter Cunningham, our eminent local naturalist, told me a year or two back of a study that had to be abandoned when nest after nest was destroyed, presumably by an irresponsible crofter.

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