Jubilee Weekend in Ness

ok, it’s not anything to do with crofting but it’s been a busy weekend in Ness with the Jubilee and, even though I’m not the biggest fan of this kind of stuff, I took a lot of pictures because I was covering them both for BBC Alba.

I have posted all my pictures on my flickr account

The lighting of the Jubilee Beacon was by my mother, Annie, and Tormod Sgiugs – Norman Smith.  My mother is Deputy Lord Lieutenant of the Western Isles and it was quite fitting that Tormod was invited along too.  He spent his 19th birthday in Fort George, his 20th on Anzio Beachhead and his 21st as a Prisoner of War in Germany – true service for the Queen.  While in Anzio, on Easter Sunday of that year, a Padre took them into the woods for a service.  The Germans attacked the position they had been defending and Tormod probably wouldn’t be with us, had he not gone to the service.

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