Tractor Troubles

April & May have been very busy months for me; sheep/lambing, peats and ploughing – while working full time as well!  This means that my wee Massey Ferguson 135 has been working flat out for the last few months.  That was, until an incident in this past week!  I went out to finish some ploughing on Monday evening to find broken glass and diesel all over the place!  Below is one of the fuel filters, but this filter should be up at the top of this bolt, with a glass bowl underneath it – the glass bowl which has disappeared!

Here are the remnants of the bowl!

You can see the other filter on the left, with the metal bowl underneath, thats where the glass should have been on the one on the right!

To make things worse, I’d put £20 of diesel into the tractor a couple of days before!  This is a picture of the tank – bone dry!!!

With the help of some helpful friends, I managed to get everything sorted, and the tractor was up and running again on Friday night!

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