Goodbye facebook, hello world

I have started up this blog to allow myself to document some of my work on my croft in Ness, Isle of Lewis.  I should explain that this blog name, ‘air an lot’, means ‘on the croft’ in Gaelic (I know some smart-alex will say croit is the Gaelic for croft but in Ness we use lot).  Anyway, I have been tweeting and posting on facebook for some time now about all the bits & bobs that I do on the croft but have been getting increasingly frustrated with the childish reaction of some people on facebook (and facebook themselves) so have decided to move the majority of it over here so that I can say what I want in peace!

I am from a crofting family and have been working on the croft for as long as I can remember.  I was given my croft, 19 North Dell, as my 21st birthday present waaaay back in 2005.  I now have a flock of about 50 ewes, kune-kune pigs, 10 hens, 2 ducks (as well as 2 cats, 2 gerbils and a dog!).  I do all this while also working full-time and I find the crofting to be a great release from the stresses of day-to-day work.

What I plan on doing here is post a lot of pictures and waffling a lot.  First of all, I plan on blogging (with lots of pictures) on how my lambing season went this year, documenting the bad along with the good.  It seems every second blog I come across is something similar to this, I shall try and be a little different though!


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging. Write what you want to write about, not what you think other people might want you to write. I’ve done that for nearly eight years, and still enjoying it. Facebook is all fine and dandy, but sometimes a right PITA. Good luck.

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